Esther Salimon is a passionate and dynamic Christian singer and songwriter. Esther’s passion for heartfelt worship is demonstrated through her ability to a create an environment of worship that extends beyond the four walls of the church.   

Born and raised in the city of London. Esther’s style of music is drawn from various greats as well as  various life experiences. Though the scars heal, Esther has found strength and healing in trusting God at his word and expressing this very act of trust through songwriting and singing. 


Esther has years of hands on experience within the industry and has worked with various individuals and groups. She has been able to share her musical giftings at concerts, conferences, churches and private functions.  She currently serves in her church as a praise and worship leader. 

Simply put Esther’s message is for everyone to experience the redeeming love of Christ through music. Join her on this journey as she shares her heart  very own experience of this love, through music.