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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Phuket Thailand 2016)

Hello everyone and welcome to my website and very first blog post here. I am truly excited and honoured to have you here reading my post today.

For those that truly know me, blogging isn't a new concept for me. Actually, it's something that I have dabbled in previously, but have never remained consistent with. Whether that was due to other commitments or fear, I seemed to never stick with it.

However this year alongside releasing my first single Hallelujah (available from13.09.19)

I was determined to take the first step in establishing my blog again, but this time actually stick with it. I have some much in my heart that I wish to share with you all. Within my twenty something years on earth, there have been many noteworthy experiences that I feel are worth sharing, especially from the perspective of a Christian navigating through our world of today. The aim is that these posts encourage you, motivate you and also make you laugh once in a while.

This blog is not limited to a specific group, gender or age. Whether you are the lady juggling professional life and motherhood or the gentleman who has recently left university and is ready to embark on the journey of adulting. My hope is that you can take at least one thing from these posts.

Well, there you have it guys. My genesis! Short and Sweet!

I hope I’ve convinced you to stay with me on this adventure. If I have, do consider subscribing to my mailing list. In doing so you will be amongst the very first to hear of news and announcements.

Don’t forget my newest single Hallelujah will be available for streaming and downloads from the 13.09.19.

Blessings always. Your girl

Esther Esti

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